" Life is a gift,

and it offers us

the privilege, opportunity, 
and responsibility to give 
something back by

becoming more." 


Anthony Robbins


Project TOM is a voluntary non-profit group which encourages more young people to get into charity work- making a difference to themselves and their community.




Established in Birmingham (UK), in May 2008, it is based on the simple concept that doing good deeds and helping those less fortunate will help provide good role models for our future - and that the world will become a better place as a result.  




Some of the main focuses of the causes are: emergency relief, poverty and education, especially for children in East Asia. 

Volunteers get together 2-3 times a year to fundraise and support various different charities around the world.


Everyone donates their spare time and effort on top of their full-time jobs or studies.


To date, Project TOM have raised over £44,900.00 GBP for charitable causes both at home and abroad, with over 61,000 beneficiaries. 



7 Years

25 Events  

• 63 Volunteers

  • 1373 OCC Shoeboxes sent 

 • 16,700 Gifts sent to needy

• Over 61,000 Beneficiaries

• £44,900 GBP raised for worthy causes  

Charities we support:
Our supporters:

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