Believe there is

good in the world...

Project TOM is a 100% unfunded and non-profit, voluntary group.


Volunteers come from all over the Midlands to contribute their spare time and effort for a worthy cause.


Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly around their full time jobs and careers to support these charity events.


We keep overheads close to negligible, so 100% of donations can go direct to the charity.


These fundraising events have been able to take place due to kind business sponsors who want to help make the world a better place.


Donations will be used for:


• Covering the costs of the fundraising events  (ie; printing posters) 


• Donate directly to a specific event 

(ie; if you cannot attend an event but still wish to donate) 



Banking details:

Account Name:        Project TOM 

Bank Name:             HSBC

Sort code:              40-11-18

Account number:     34431022



Thank you so much for your support!